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Nikko is a doula and certified quantum biologic practitioner. With her Bachelor of General Science with a focus on Biology and Psychology, she brings an evidence-based approach to her work which focuses on the connection between the light environment of the mother and the development of the fetus - that's right, mom's screen time affects the baby in utero. In this episode, Nikko goes deep on how and why it is crucial to optimize circadian rhythms during pregnancy and beyond. She also talks about light and its role in labor, delivery and postpartum. This is a fascinating, fact filled conversation that's incredibly important.

"Spending a week in the NICU is really what kicked me off with making the connection between circadian dysregulation and pregnancy," shares Nikko Kennedy. Nowadays, mothers give birth in bright white hospital rooms and then they bring their newborn home to an environment filled with artificial light. Even before the baby is born, pregnant women are constantly experiencing circadian disruptions due to maladaptive sleeping and eating schedules, lack of outdoor time, and a toxic addiction to blue light. Research has shown a strong correlation between circadian disruption and common pregnancy problems like pre-eclampsia and postpartum depression. It has even been shown that mental illnesses like autism and ADHD can be tied back to circadian disruption experienced by the baby while in the womb. When a mother's circadian rhythm is disrupted, so is that of the fetus. This can lead to lifelong health complications.

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Meredith Oke with Nikko Kennedy on your preferred podcast channel.

In this podcast, the host covers:

  • What circadian rhythm is and why it is important

  • How Nikko discovered the complications of circadian dysregulation during her third pregnancy

  • Which challenges during pregnancy, postpartum, and labor relate to circadian rhythm

  • How sleep disruption can be a root cause of many mental illnesses

  • What melatonin is and the effect it has on pregnancy and the developing fetus

  • How breast milk differs based on the needs of the baby

  • What the benefits of home birth are in regard to light environment

  • Why Vitamin D is so important during pregnancy

  • How circadian regulation impacts postpartum depression

  • What the correlation is between a mother's circadian dysregulation and mental illness in the child later in life

Nikko Kennedy, professional doula

Podcast Quotes:

  • "Spending a week in the NICU is really what kicked me off with making the connection between circadian dysregulation and pregnancy." (5:55-6:02 | Nikko)

  • "We find circadian disruption being a uniting factor between some of the most mysterious yet common pregnancy problems." (17:59-18:08 | Nikko)

  • "Circadian disruption is highly correlated with infertility." (30:48-30:51 | Nikko)

  • "The breast milk is making the melatonin that the baby needs to transition into being an air breathing being. And so that's where it's really important for the mother to have a strong circadian rhythm through labor and delivery and postpartum so that the baby has protective melatonin to counter the natural oxidative stress that it experiences at that time." (36:02-36:31 | Nikko)

  • "Babies who are premature tend to have higher oxidative stress, and mother's milk of premature babies actually tends to have higher levels of melatonin in it than babies who are full term." (38:26-38:40 | Nikko)

About the Podcast Guest:

To learn more about Nikko Kennedy visit her website (Brighter Days Darker Nights).

About the Podcast Host:

To learn more about Meredith Oke visit the Quantum Biology Collective website (Quantum Biology Collective).

About The Quantum Biology Collective Podcast:

The Quantum Biology Collective is a group of pioneering health professionals who study, apply and explain the emerging field of quantum biology: a new paradigm of understanding how human health REALLY works that is light years beyond the current established medical model. From the vast research showing that circadian rhythms regulate every important process in the body to emerging research that quantum mechanical processes are taking place in our cells-this new world is the missing link that you're searching for, whether you're a health practitioner, or someone trying to optimize your own health and your family's.

We feature a variety of experts, from medical doctors to researchers to health coaches, who all have first-hand experience applying these principles-and getting incredible results-in their health practices and in their own lives.

To become a QBC member and get invites to live deep dives & access to our video library: www.quantumhealthtv.com

To take our 8 week practitioner certification in the science of quantum biology so that you can add it to your existing area of expertise: www.appliedquantumbiology.com

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Meredith Oke with Nikko Kennedy on your preferred podcast channel.

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