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Kelly Bento has decades of experience as a dental hygienist and has spent many years researching and studying quantum biology with Dr Jack Kruse, as well as being certified by the Quantum Biology Collective. In this episode, she talks about the importance of light and frequency to oral health, common issues seen in both traditional dentistry and holistic dentistry, and reframing our concept of the mouth as both an exteriorization of the gut and a predictor of future overall health.

"The oral cavity is so important. It's the external representation of the gut," explains Kelly Bento, oral health consultant certified in Applied Quantum Biology. As a dental hygienist for several decades, Kelly has seen it all working in both traditional dental practices and biological dental practices that offer a more holistic approach to dentistry. In this episode, Kelly discusses the ways that the mouth acts as a predictor of overall future health. She talks about the differences between traditional and holistic dentistry, the importance of a healthy light environment for dental patients, and the dangers of common dental practices like the use of metal implants and fluoride.

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Meredith Oke with Kelly Bento on your preferred podcast channel.

In this podcast, the host covers:

  • How holistic or biological dentistry differs from traditional dentistry

  • Why fluoride should always be avoided

  • Why so many dental professionals experience macular degeneration

  • How Kelly improves the light environment in her operatory and the effect she has seen in her patients

  • Why all dental implants ultimately fail and some alternative options for replacing teeth

  • What the health impacts are of metal in orthodontia

  • What advice Kelly has for parents to help their children develop healthy teeth

  • Why anesthesia should only be used as a last resort

  • Why mouth rinses can actually be harmful for overall health rather than helpful

Kelly Bento, quantum dental hygienist

Podcast Quotes:

  • "The oral cavity is so important. It's the external representation of the gut." (8:36-8:41 | Kelly)

  • "There is a massive rise in dental professionals struggling with macular degeneration." (13:55-14:01 | Kelly)

  • "Even if you're in a conventional practice, say something. Ask them to turn off the overhead lights, ask them to use the shield, and just simply say that the light intensity causes you a headache." (18:00-18:14 | Kelly)

  • "Just as they found out that every single root canal ultimately fails, every implant ultimately fails." (23:34-23:42 | Kelly)

  • "The number one reason for implant failure is bacterial infection. Well, the mouth is the most bacteria laden part of the entire body." (37:00-37:13 | Kelly)

  • "Don't ever bring your child into a conventional dental practice. Just walking in there. They are drilling amalgam that is just being vaporized into the practice." (44:51-45:07 | Kelly)

  • "Teeth will either give up minerals to their environment or receive minerals if they need them. So the interesting thing about teeth is that they're constantly sort of undergoing this flux and so what you want to do is just continue to to provide them with proper minerals and teeth will absolutely re-mineralize." (59:33-1:00:00 | Kelly)

About the Podcast Guest:

To learn more about Kelly Bento visit her Instagram (Kelly Bento).

About the Podcast Host:

To learn more about Meredith Oke visit the Quantum Biology Collective website (Quantum Biology Collective).

About The Quantum Biology Collective Podcast:

The Quantum Biology Collective is a group of pioneering health professionals who study, apply and explain the emerging field of quantum biology: a new paradigm of understanding how human health REALLY works that is light years beyond the current established medical model. From the vast research showing that circadian rhythms regulate every important process in the body to emerging research that quantum mechanical processes are taking place in our cells-this new world is the missing link that you're searching for, whether you're a health practitioner, or someone trying to optimize your own health and your family's.

We feature a variety of experts, from medical doctors to researchers to health coaches, who all have first-hand experience applying these principles-and getting incredible results-in their health practices and in their own lives.

To become a QBC member and get invites to live deep dives & access to our video library: www.quantumhealthtv.com

To take our 8 week practitioner certification in the science of quantum biology so that you can add it to your existing area of expertise: www.appliedquantumbiology.com

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Meredith Oke with Kelly Bento on your preferred podcast channel.

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