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Heathar Shepard is a New Mexico based health practitioner who specializes in homeopathic medicine, sunlight therapy, and ancestral eating. She is the author of The SunlightRx and host of the Primal Pioneer podcast, where she gives in depth lessons on light, nutrition, and homeopathy. In this episode of the Quantum Biology Collective Podcast, Heather talks with host Meredith Oke about homeopathy as the ultimate quantum modality. She explains how sunlight helped her to heal from a traumatic brain injury and how homeopathy in combination with a quantum lifestyle can restore proper electron function throughout the body. She also talks about the impact of grief, shock, fright, and trauma on overall health and how homeopathy can address mental emotional states in addition to physical symptoms.

"Sunlight combined with homeopathy transformed my health and my healing experience in huge ways," shares Heathar Shepard, a New Mexico-based homeopathic health practitioner. After a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury, Heathar tried everything to get her health back on track. It was not until she discovered the quantum lifestyle and began incorporating more sunlight into her routine that she began to see dramatic improvements to her overall health. After only one week of watching the sunrise and improving her circadian rhythm, she was sleeping better and her migraines and dizziness were nearly gone. In this episode, Heathar breaks down how homeopathy works and the ways in which it can help to restore the body's mitochondrial functioning, especially when combined with a quantum lifestyle.

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Meredith Oke with Heathar Shepard on your preferred podcast channel.

In this podcast, the host covers:

  • How having a dog can help with living a quantum lifestyle

  • How sunlight helped Heathar heal from a traumatic brain injury after her car accident

  • Why sunlight is viewed as a vital nutrient for the body in quantum biology

  • How blue light and screen time may contribute to an increase in skin cancer rates

  • How homeopathy works on a quantum level to boost the immune system and heal the body

  • How the practice of Western medicine has changed since the switch from homeopathy to pharmaceuticals

  • How trauma, shock, grief, and fright can change the spin rate of electrons within the mitochondria

  • What homeopathy can do to restore the spin rate of electrons to heal mental emotional states like suppressed grief

  • Why homeopaths prioritize healing the mental emotional state first before focusing in on the physical symptoms

Heathar Shepard, homeopathic practitioner

Podcast Quotes:

  • "Sunlight combined with homeopathy transformed my health and my healing experience in huge ways." (9:27-9:33 | Heathar)

  • "Whether it's a shock or grief, or a really, truly frightful experience you witness, it can change the way the electrons spin in your body." (13:14-13:27 | Heathar)

  • "Skin cancer rates have gone up 2 to 7% per year since the 70s when sunscreen was introduced." (18:42-18:48 | Heathar)

  • "If we can get the organism to let it out in grief or in its all natural way, by using homeopathy, it can do huge things for people." (46:04-46:14 | Heathar)

About the Podcast Guest:

To learn more about Heathar Shepard visit her website (Heathar Shepard).

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About the Podcast Host:

To learn more about Meredith Oke visit the Quantum Biology Collective website (Quantum Biology Collective).

About The Quantum Biology Collective Podcast:

The Quantum Biology Collective is a group of pioneering health professionals who study, apply and explain the emerging field of quantum biology: a new paradigm of understanding how human health REALLY works that is light years beyond the current established medical model. From the vast research showing that circadian rhythms regulate every important process in the body to emerging research that quantum mechanical processes are taking place in our cells-this new world is the missing link that you're searching for, whether you're a health practitioner, or someone trying to optimize your own health and your family's.

We feature a variety of experts, from medical doctors to researchers to health coaches, who all have first-hand experience applying these principles-and getting incredible results-in their health practices and in their own lives.

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Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Meredith Oke with Heathar Shepard on your preferred podcast channel.

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